About Us
  "Adarsh means ideal and that is what is required in the service Industry."

Set up by entrepreneurs who only want the best for their clients and ensure that from the moment they entrust us with their shipment they can relax in peace, it has to be a journey of comfort for you.

We have experience in Exports,Imports and Logistics which makes us the specialists to handle your work.

Whether it is Imports, Exports, or Door to Door delivery we are there to serve and ensure that everything is perfect and smooth for you

Aim : To ensure your paperwork is in place all the time, your shipments are in time and you do not have any problem we are there

Mission: Smooth movement and road for you our customer

Taking care of your Exports, Imports, Pick up and Deliveries we are there to take care of your cargo totally and ensure that you do not have to bother

We have specialist to take care of all your requirements from Licensing, liasioning, Freight Forwarding and all your documentation work .

You leave it in our hands and we take care of the rest

"Service with a smile and will deliver remains our motto"
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